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My Resume

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Akash Agrawal

1/312, OM VILA,
Govind Park Colony,
Surendra Nagar,
Aligarh (202001),

Mobile : 09871924798

E-mail :


To work in a challenging environment and to offer my best effort and performance to the organization. To join an organization that encourages excellence in my skills and to burgeon further the knowledge in software development by thriving as best possible in such a competitive environment.


B. Tech. (Electronics Engg.) with Aggregate 85.80 % from MNNIT, Allahabad in May 2005.(3rd rank in class)
Intermediate (12th std) from B.L.Jain Intermediate College, Aligarh (U.P.Board) with 78.80 % in April 2000.
High School (10th std) from B.L.Jain Intermediate College, Aligarh (U.P.Board) with 77.67 % in April 1998.


More than one Year Experience in ALCATEL Developement INDIA, Noida, member of call processing team, since may, 2005.Alcatel is one of the largest telecom giant worldwide, on merger with Lucent Alcatel will be no.1 in wirelene, no.2 in mobility and no.2 in services in world telecom market.Experience in C/C++ for software development for Solaris platform, worked on wireless soft switch for UMTS and NGN networks.Work extensively on C, C++, UNIX.Knowledge of Technical Specifications and telecom standards.

Professional Experience:

Have ownership of many modules in a short tenure like SPM(subscriber profile manager) and supplementary services, Performance Pegs. Develope various features for product and solved many problems in onsite and offsiteUMTS soft switches. Also responsible for Call Processing related onsite problem report, issues in Systetesting and Integration Testing.I am always ready to take responsibilities, very hardworking, always have a learning attitude and very enthusiastic for my work. I believe in that "If you are working for a man than for GOD sake, work for him."

Projects Undertaken:

(1) Location Number Handling in Spatial WSS
Role: Feature Prime, Design and codeing related to Call Processing and SPM.
Description: Location Number is a unique number for a Cell/SAC or for group of Cell/SAC. It is very useful in finding location for a subscriber amd in billing and all. This feature include propogation of Location Number in CAP Init_DP message, over ISUP and BICC interface, MAP interface and in CDR. Location Number has a scope in handover, CAMEL services and for supplementary services all. This feature is applicable for UMTS and GSM network.

(2)MultiRAN support for Spatial WSS
Role: Developer
Descrioption: Multiple RAN Configuration feature allows configuration of RAB parameters on per RNC basis for supporting multiple RNC /RAN with Spatial WSS. WSS sends these RAB parameters to connected RAN for RAB allocation. Before this feature the RAB parameters were configured at system level in WSS. The RNCs connected to WSS may support different RAB configuration depending upon deployment and vendor specific support. WSS should be able to handle this scenario by sending RAB parameters specific to the RNC.

(3)Alcap Removal
Role: Developed new design for DR handovers and code reviewer
Description: This feature is for moving Alcap from WSS to Media Gateway according to 3GPP standards. Before this feature Alcap was terminated on WSS, due to which Spatial WSS has to be connected with Tecklec MGW with proprietry protocol. After this feature Alcap start terminating on MGW as per 3GPP std. This feature will be applicable only after Spatial WSS starts supporting H.248/ Megacco protocol between WSS and MGW.

(4)Compilation Warning Removal
Role: Code reviewer
Description: This Feature is for removing compilation warnings from Spatial Atrium. After this feature there is a 90 percent decrease in Compilation warnings. Coding for this feature has been done by France collegues.

(5)Geographical Information Support for WSS
Role: Designer and Developer
Descriptor: This feature provides support for Geographical Infor on CAP and MAP interface for Spatial WSS. Geographical Information include latitude, longitude and uncertainty. This information is very much useful for CAMEL server for various tasks.

Other than the work describes above, I have done various code review e.g. CLIP/COLP feature, Emergency call Display. Thoroughly reviewed various RDS and High Level Design Documents.

Extra Curricular activities:
Organized national level technical festival AVISHKAR 2k4 at MNNIT.
Won second prize in All India Cultural Festival 'CULRAV' in skit competition.
Secured 2nd position in district level quiz contest
Member of DUGC in college.
Representative of mathematics department in student council.
Member of Student Alumni Association.
Attended a Seminar on Active HDL, organized by Trident technology in association with MNNIT. Allahabad.

Secured 4th position in district in 12th std.
Won following prizes in All India Technical Festival 'AVISHKAR' 2003.
2nd prize in predefined software contest 'ELEKTROSOFT'
2nd prize in on the spot night out programming contest 'LIVE WIRE'
3rd prize in technical quiz & on the spot H/W contest 'COULOMB'S ENVY'
3rd prize in open hardware contest 'INTELLIGENTSIA'.
Merit Scholarship holder throughout college period. Secure 98.92 percentile in GATE 2005.
Organized various events for juniors.

Sketching, Cricket, Movies, listening to music etc.

Academic Projects:
Digital Watermarking of Images using, Worked in Spatial, DCT and Wavelet domain.
Completed a project"TO MONITOR AND CONTROL A REMOTE UNIT USING RF LINK" at Ariel Delivery Research and Development Establishment, DRDO, Agra from 3rd June 2004 to 9th July 2004.

Personal Details:
Father's Name :Shri Ram Naresh Agarwal
Mother's Name :Smt. Durvesh Agarwal
Date of Birth :10 July 1984
Sex :Male
Marital Status :Single
Languages Known :English, Hindi (Reading, Writing and speaking)

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
                                                                                                          Eleanor Roosevelt